the last shows of color dolor:
14.12.2022   G livelab, Tampere (FI)
15.12.2022   G livelab, Helsinki (fi)

“Blurry Things is a perfectly produced work of fragility and built-up dramas: an album that’s anything but listless. For this most magical of dreamy havens marries the more artful of 80s pop with Scandinavian synth-pop and a lilt of both indie and country music to create a commercially viable sound with depth and character.”
- Dominic Valvona / Monolith Cocktail (GBR)

“‘Blurry things’ is atmospheric, art-pop
in its truest sense – each track capable of painting a colourful picture in your mind as if you’ve suddenly developed synesthesia. At one and the same time it offers frailty, power and marvellous inventiveness, a rare combination. Yep, it’s a prize winner alright.”

- David Bentley / Nordic Music Central (GBR)

“A delicate weave full of colourful details created by strong compositions and the inherently built-in production. The album lets you inside slowly, and it has found what music is at its best.”
- Teosto Prize Jury on “Love”

Color Dolor is a alternative pop group from Helsinki, Finland in eternal search of magical songs. Their 4th album 'Blurry Things' is released 26th November 2021. 

Color Dolor are Stina Koistinen and Leissi.

Their 3rd album 'Love' won the prestigious Teosto Prize 2019.